Steve Bilson - ReWater Systems Founder

About Steve Bilson

A champion for greywater irrigation systems in the drought-vulnerable state of California, Steve Bilson has more than three decades of experience in the urban water reuse and conservation industry. In 1990, Steve Bilson created the ReWater System, a commercially available greywater irrigation system that aims to reuse the 56,000 gallons of greywater a typical new home produces each year or the hundreds of thousands of gallons from multi-family dwellings.

As president and chief executive officer of the company, Steve Bilson consults with builders and engineers on greywater irrigation projects, in addition to training individuals statewide to install greywater systems. Previously, he directly supervised various landscaping projects as the Responsible Managing Employee for ReWater’s landscape contractor's license.

Stephen Bilson has been an active lobbyist for more accessible permits for greywater irrigation systems and has participated in four successful campaigns related to greywater irrigation. He is currently organizing a legislative campaign to require all new landscape irrigation to utilize greywater or municipally treated wastewater.